Tesla’s semi-truck launch has been delayed, pushed back until the end of October.

Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk revealed the delay yesterday via Twitter. Musk said in the June shareholder meeting presentation that the semi-truck’s reveal would come in September. But as is often the case with innovation, and with Tesla launches, the truck has been delayed. Musk said that the new reveal, now tentatively scheduled for October 26, will also come with test rides, allowing people to experience the electric semi.

Tesla has already put out a teaser image of the new truck, that showed a very upright nose and big accented headlights. Reuters revealed more details about the semi-autonomous semi in July. The Reuters report said that it would be able to move in “platoons” that automatically followed the lead truck. Tesla and governments in Nevada and California were also discussing the requirements to allow testing of a self-driving truck.

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Cummins has already beaten Tesla to the punch. The engine maker showed their own electric truck prototype in August. The Cummins Aeos truck was built with an electric drive system that it said offered a 44,000 pound payload and a 100 mile range. Recharging was said to take an hour, which would be reduced to 20 minutes by 2020. The Tesla truck has been reported to have a 200-300 mile range per charge.

And if the idea of an electric truck doesn’t give you a charge, you might also get a hint at the new Model Y during the unveiling. During the June shareholder meeting, Musk hinted at giving us a glimpse of the new vehicle during the semi-truck reveal.