Tesla has made its trip planner available to more people and CEO Elon Musk is talking about a Supercharger diner.

Owners of Tesla cars have long had a trip planner built into their navigation system. It lets owners map out long distance routes that tell the driver how far they could go on a charge, where charge points were, and how long the car would need to charge to make it to either the next charger or their destination.

But that trip planner was only available in the car itself. Owners couldn’t plan a trip from home, and anyone who didn’t have a car had no access. That included people who were on the fence about buying an EV.

With Model 3 production beginning to ramp up, more people will be able to buy a Tesla. And that includes more people for whom the Tesla will be their only car.

So now the company is making the trip planner available to everyone online.

The Tesla trip planner lets you pick from any of the brand’s current models, including the Model S and Model X all-wheel drive as well as the Model 3 long range rear drive. The trip planner uses the EPA range estimates.

For a trip example, a leisurely drive from Tesla’s Palo Alto HQ to New York City in a Model S 100D would take 20 stops according to the planner, with charge times ranging from 10 minutes to an hour. It estimates you would save $387 compared with a gas car on that trip.

It’s a good resource for Tesla owners, but also for prospective buyers to see how much of a worry range really is. The map covers all Supercharger locations worldwide.

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is also talking Supercharger plans. But in this case, he’s tweeting about adding a drive-in to one of the new LA Supercharger locations.

Not just any diner, an old-fashioned style drive-in, like one from the 1950s. The drive-in lets you stay in your car while the server and food came to you. That idea, combined with a Supercharger bay lets you fill your car while you fill your belly.

Musk is also tweeting about adding in-car ordering from the infotainment screen and an outside screen that shows clips from old movies.

Adding services to charging stations just makes sense. It fills the time for drivers and passengers while generating revenue for the company. And a drive-in sounds like fun.