Tesla Model 3 buyers and those holding reservations will have two fewer colors to choose from come Wednesday. CEO Elon Musk announced via Twitter the decision will further help smooth out the electric car’s production process.

From Wednesday forward, Obsidian Black and Metallic Silver will be special order options and cost more, Musk said in the tweet. Both colors are currently $1,500 options, per the Tesla Model 3 online configurator. The end of the two colors for mass production leaves Solid Black, Midnight Silver, Deep Blue, Pearl White multi-coat, and Red multi-coat as the remaining options.

As for customers who already own Teslas finished in Obsidian Black or Metallic Silver, their end of production for new cars will not affect supplies. Musk followed up with a Model X owner and said service will stock the hues in the case of future repairs.

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Musk’s announcement to suspend production of the two colors comes as the electric-car maker said it forecasts the company will build and deliver more than twice as many cars as it did last quarter. It’s unclear if Tesla plans to accomplish the accolade in the third or fourth quarter. So far, Tesla has only said it plans to build 50,000 to 55,000 Model 3 electric cars in the third quarter.