Tesla is making good on its promise to host a special event to mark the opening of its gigafactory production facility in Nevada.

The company even offered attendance at the battery-factory’s opening as one of the prizes given out during the second round of a referral program that aimed to get Model S owners to refer their friends and families to the company.

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All Model S owners whose referrals resulted in five or more sales between October and December 2015 received the invitation, which said: “Congratulations on winning tickets to the upcoming Gigafactory Grand Opening! We appreciate your support and participation in the Referral Program. We are excited to announce that the Gigafactory Grand Opening event will take place on the evening of Friday, July 29th at our facility outside Reno, Nevada.” Tesla even promised owners that a local hotel will offer a discount for attendees if they book their rooms before July.

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The factory isn’t fully built yet, but the first phase, with an 800,000 square-feet footprint and 1.9 million square feet of space, is up. The total square footage is expected to reach 13 million once construction is complete.

Tesla has called the gigafactory “Gigafactory 1”, which could be a sign that the company plans to build more.

The company moved production of its Tesla Energy products from Fremont, California to the gigafactory in October 2015, and it’s looking to beef up production, including battery-cell production, which is set to start later this year. Those cells are supposed to have “moderate” upgrades over the current cells, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, but it’s possible that significant cost reductions of 30 percent to 50 percent will be seen thanks to the economies of scale made possible by the gigafactory – cost savings that could be passed on to the consumer.