As of last week, Tesla Motors Inc. announced that it will begin selling used vehicles through its website.

According to the Wall Street Journal, sales will be limited to a few cities in the United States and Canada for purchasing, but the vehicles will be coming with a 4-year, 50,000-mile warranty, as offered by other luxury manufacturers.

This process of certified pre-owned online sales isn’t unheard of from Tesla though, as they already sell used versions of its Roadster via the web, so it’s a similar premise.

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As far as pricing goes, engadget reported that while prices are lower, the best offer it found was $59,000 for an “entry level” model. Lower than standard new prices, but not dropping it low enough to be much more attainable.

Engadget does state though that it beats having to sift through third party or indie dealers in order to find a deal on a used Tesla.

Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk have interest in keeping its vehicles on the road says Business Insider, as the company is continuing to develop its own network of Tesla Supercharger stations throughout the United States, Europe, and the Asian-Pacific. Stations which will be able to charge vehicles in minutes rather than hours says the company.

As well, Tesla has implemented its battery swap program, making the charging process even faster, and quelling some of the EV owner range anxiety in the process.

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