Tesla Motors has taken the top ranking of any automaker for best overall brand experience.

In a report published by Group XP, the EV maker placed No. 20 in the overall ranking, Topping BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Ferrari on the ranking list. Group XP, considered to be a top New York-based consultancy group in consumer experience, ranked brands’ performance based on customer impressions, interactions, and life-enhancing abilities.

Group XP’s Experience Index uses data from Brandz, which it claims to be the world’s largest brand equity database. Rating factors include the unique impressions the brand leaves; interaction with customers’ most important needs; responsiveness through online services and engaging content; and better serving customers through a higher brand purpose.

“Who else but Tesla could take on a heavily entrenched industry like automotive and turn it on its head? Having launched highly rated, luxury-valued electric cars, Tesla has gone on to inspire and expand a roadside recharging network and build the world’s biggest Giga battery factory while also advancing the concept of driverless autos from science fiction fantasy to widely anticipated reality,” the Group XP Experience Index said.

“The breathtaking completeness of Tesla’s vision and ability to execute matches other, more established breakthrough leaders like IKEA and Amazon,” the report said.

Tesla will need to recover from the tarnishing of its science fiction fantasy image as the U.S., Germany, and now a Dutch regulator, call the Autopilot name and safety to question.

Regardless of the Autopilot’s future, Tesla and its Model S have won their share of awards in the auto industry and beyond. Earlier this year, the Tesla Model S 70D took the top score in AAA’s Green Car of the Year.

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Group XP said that the 2016 Top 30 list includes companies that are extremely difficult to copy or compete against. Those making the top ten list were, in numerical order, Pampers, Disney, PayPal, DHL, Facebook, Apple, Google, Ikea, UPS, and Visa.

You can download the study by clicking here.

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