Tesla Motors and the original supplier of the Model X’s SUV falcon wing doors have settled in court over a lawsuit filed by the electric carmaker last January.

The supplier, Hoerbiger Automotive, a subsidiary of a Swiss company based in Alabama, contracted to design and develop a hydraulic system for the razzle-dazzle Model X doors that open upwards rather than to the side.

In its lawsuit, Tesla said Hoerbiger’s hydraulic system developed in 2014-2015 was prone to overheating, making the doors inoperable, and they leaked oil.

The doors also sagged and did not open properly, Tesla said.

Tesla also stated it incurred “millions of dollars in damages, including, but not limited to costs of retooling the entire vehicle in order to support a different engineering solution.”

Hoerbiger responded by denying Tesla’s claims, saying it had met the company’s specifications and was not responsible for the overheating and electronic controls problems that were cited in the suit.

The supplier said it was negotiating over reasonable compensation.

Punitive damages originally sought by Tesla were dropped.

Tesla contracted with another supplier for an electromechanical door system to replace Hoerbiger’s hydraulic system that it said was a premium cost to rush production of the vehicle.

But the new doors aren’t perfect either.

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There are many stories dealing with door problems of the pricey all-electric SUV, and the issues are not just part of an isolated incident or the result of one disgruntled customer.

A Consumer Reports blog post told of the rear doors being unable to sense an overhang and banging into it.

Court records show that the lawsuit was settled in July, and Automotive News reported that an August 18 filing by the two companies delays a dismissal because certain conditions of the settlement will not be fulfilled until Oct. 4.

Both parties have until Oct. 13 to file a joint statement as to the status of the settlement, terms of which have not yet been disclosed.

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