Would you like to dine-in while your Tesla Model S or Model X is getting that 30-minute recharge?

That will soon be possible as the popular chain of Ruby Tuesday restaurants announced that it has begun installing a series of Tesla Supercharges at its locations along important routes across the country.

The first fast-DC charging station is now in operation at the Ruby Tuesday store in Miner, Miss., as seen in the above photo, and is already listed on Tesla’s webpage and in-vehicle navigation systems.

Ruby Tuesday Chief Marketing Officer, David Skena, said, “Expanding the Supercharger network to include Ruby Tuesday is good for both Tesla owners and our restaurants alike.”

He stated that both the companies are looking forward to strengthening their relationship in the near future by adding more Superchargers at the restaurant’s locations.

The restaurant chain has more than 700 restaurants in the US, but it did not reveal how many of them will receive the Superchargers.

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The company also did not indicate if it would contribute to the cost of the electric bill as some businesses have.

Tesla Superchargers are aimed for long distance travel for owners, providing a free, fast charging service with capability of adding range of 170 miles in half an hour.

Currently, the company operates over 650 Suerpcharger stations with around 4,000 Supercharger stalls around the world.

Tesla plans to double the number of Superchargers by the end of 2017 in order to support its growing customer base and the upcoming production of its mass-market Model 3.

Last week we reported that the EV automaker was in preliminary discussions to install its fast chargers at Altoona, Pennsylvania-based gas station and convenience store chain Sheerz.

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