Tesla Motors’ stock price hit a six-month low on Tuesday in spite of the company’s recent accomplishments.

The TSLA symbol on NASDAQ traded for as low as $195, inching up slightly to $198 by the end of the day. This was the first time since June that Tesla dipped below $200 per share, and the company had been closing at an average of $233 for the past month.

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Tesla will end 2014 with a turbulent track record for the year, with shares yo-yoing between a low of $137 in January to September’s high of $291 per share.

The market volatility echoes the company’s recent roller coaster ride in other areas.

Last fall, the company expanded sales to Japan – a country that rarely sees American-made cars. But it’s reportedly faltering in China, where Tesla China has been struggling with logistical problems and Autoblog reports Tesla China has cycled through two presidents since 2013.

In the U.S. the Model S celebrated its 50,000th sale and marked faster growth in comparison to the Nissan Leaf’s early years.

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That same week, however, Michigan added its name to others passing a law to prohibit Tesla from selling factory direct in the state.

Despite these ups and downs, and others besides, analysts are still calling Tesla a resilient company for investors.

Susan Kalla with Forbes attributes this to Tesla’s strategic positioning for the building and marketing of its products.

“One of Tesla’s most successful gambles was to choose lithium-ion batteries, the ones in millions of laptops,” said Kalla. “Another strategic bet was Gigafactory, a 15 million square foot plant outside of Reno Nevada to supply the batteries for electric cars.”

Tamara Walsh with investment site the Motley Fool agrees. Earlier this week, she named Tesla as one of the best high-growth stocks to buy and keep.

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“In just a few years, California-based electric-car maker Tesla has gone from one of the most shorted stocks on the Nasdaq into one of the top-performing companies on the market,” said Walsh.

She named the upcoming Model X electric crossover and the Gigafactory as two reasons Tesla will stay competitive.

Walsh recommends the stock because “the company’s innovative battery technology has the potential to disrupt both the auto industry and the solar energy storage space. Throw in Tesla’s Supercharger network and the company’s forward-thinking CEO, Elon Musk, and you have a stock with long-term growth potential.”

In recent weeks Tesla’s stock has tumbled also – whether coincidentally or relatedly – as oil prices have also fallen. Some have offered there is a relation, others said not so much.

The “disruptive” automaker has seen volatility plenty of times before, with betters on the sideline talking it up or down.

To date, Tesla has more often rebuffed the ultimate naysayers while ammo for doubters and evidence for believers persists.

The company has created outsized fascination in any case as watchers continue to ponder the fortunes of the electric carmaker threatening to change the automotive landscape far more than it has already.

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