Promising more Supercharger fast chargers, retail stores, service centers, and Model S deliveries, Tesla Motors’ latest enthusiast blog post offered a bright outlook for the electric car maker.

Yesterday the company said it saw its 3,000th Model S registered in California, and since December its Fremont, Calif. factory has been at full production capacity.

“During the past three weeks we have averaged more than 500 Model S deliveries per week,” wrote George Blankenship, vice president, worldwide sales and ownership experience, “and it looks like we’ll be setting another record this week.”

Blankenship said also the “Model S is now officially a world car,” Tesla has been giving test drives in Europe and Asia, aside from the U.S., and will be adding 40 new test drive cars in the next few weeks.

Aside from opening new retail stores in key areas such as Austin, Texas, Tesla is also dotting the map one location at a time with service centers in the U.S. and Europe.

Last week, Tesla’s service page went live to keep interested parties abreast of what is included in its pre-paid service plans.

Tesla locations

More DC fast charging stations are on their way to covering the map, too, Blankenship said.

“We will be adding Supercharger coverage in many areas over the next three to four months, installing our first Superchargers in the Pacific Northwest, Texas, Illinois, and Florida with additional coverage in the Northeast and California,” he said. “We’re also expanding existing locations like Harris Ranch, where we’re adding five more Superchargers in the next month.”

The company says it is stoked by its large and enthusiastic fan base, promising “we’re just beginning,” while looking forward also to “hitting many new milestones this year.”

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