Tesla has pioneered a network of Superchargers, and now it’s working to bring free in-home charging to Tesla owners in Sweden.

The California EV purveyor is also working with Swedish electric company Skelleftea Kraft to use 100-perecent renewable energy in its Swedish supercharging network.

This new partnership will allow Model S owners in Sweden to get free in-home charging for up to 28,000 miles (45,000 km) over a three-year period.

“Skellefteå Kraft is a highly sustainable brand that really stands out approaching the world’s contemporary challenges. It requires motivation, creativity and perseverance. We like partners with a strong maverick profile. With this agreement, our Swedish customers can enjoy even more environmentally friendly electricity free of charge, whilst we at Tesla can look forward to our first energy company partnership that can serve as a role model for how to build sustainable partnerships in the future,” Tesla Director for Nordic Countries Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen said in a statement.

Tesla delivered almost 1,000 of its Model S to buyers in Sweden in 2015, and even though power rates in Sweden are already low, this news means a Model S owner could recharge for almost no cost.

There are currently 14 superchargers, all powered by hydro-electric or wind power, across Sweden.

Electrek notes that the sales increase for Tesla in Sweden comes close to a 275% increase, according to registration data. So Tesla is growing quickly in the country, and this partnership may help the brand grow even more quickly – after all, getting nearly free charging will help offset the high sticker price of a Model S. Furthermore, this partnership could serve as a model for other carmakers who sell electric vehicles in Sweden.