Tesla Motors has settled a lemon law suit filed in April with former customer Robert Montgomery and the “King of Lemon Laws” attorney Vince Megna for $126,836.

Megna, who compares Tesla and its fans to the Wu Tan Clan, asked in a video initially whether Tesla would “fight like dogs” or “do the right thing” – and later in a second video said Tesla did the right thing.

After Megna posted that video, as he documents in the follow-up video below, his motives were questioned, and Tesla wrote a blog post decrying him as an “opportunitstic” lawyer essentially without a valid claim.

Reportedly, the settlement amount received from Tesla was what the Wisconsiin-based attorney and client asked for, and included $18,500 for Megna’s services not least of which being the video productions.

Despite being given what he asked for, Megna posted the video in which an off-camera voice said he’d won the “Superbowl” of lemon law suits, and asking what he was going to do.

Answer: He went to celebrate by taking a “catapult” amusement ride with the cutout image of George Clooney used in his first video.