This morning Tesla Motors began sending out invitations to the Model X launch event Sept. 29, eight days from today.

The ceremony of handing over the first Founder’s editions will take place at Tesla’s newly acquired adjacent property, the former Solyndra factory.

It’s not immediately clear why that location was chosen instead of the main factory in Fremont where Model S had been delivered June 2012. It could have to do with the fact they want a big party there, and do not want to interfere with the busy main factory, though this is just conjecture.

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The Model S handing-over event itself was not so much a full-on party or technology reveal as a delivery event. And technology does need to be revealed, as Tesla has attempted to keep many details of the Model X under wraps until now.

Numerous other questions remain down to the base-level starting price for the Model X. Top-drawer Signatures start at $132,000, not much more than a comparably equipped Model S.

It’s believed the entry point therefore will not be much more than an entry level Model S 70D, which starts at $76,200 before incentives.

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Contrary to early forum posts by some, there has been no indication Signature reservation holders will be able to get their car at the Sept. 29 event. We received word from one who’s in the top 25 in line, and no word was given this was more than a “Launch Event”, not a personal car delivery.

“Tesla can change their mind, but I think they don’t have the capacity at the present to finish the Signatures in time,” said the reservation holder who also is wondering and waiting on many details like so many others.

Unknown also is how large the turnout will be, but this has been one anticipated event. With more than 30,000 reservation holders in a line stat started three-and-a-half-years ago, much pent-up interest is awaiting this reveal.

Expect also live streaming and much media coverage for the electric crossover utility vehicle.

This event will also be a major milestone on the way to the next stage of Tesla’s primary focus – Model 3.

The company is building its Gigafactory in Nevada and working a long-term plan toward that vehicle which could be priced from the mid 30s with 20-plus mile range.