This is one of our first good looks at how fast the Tesla Semi can accelerate with a trailer on.

Tesla has started testing its electric Semi trucks on the road, which means that videos of them driving around are starting to roll in. The futuristic trucks look completely out of place in regular traffic, which is fitting. Because that acceleration looks completely out of place for any vehicle that big.

The truck is projected to hit production next year, with pre-orders rolling in from fleets across the globe. Tesla has said that the truck will have a 500-mile range using a massive battery back, with drive coming from four Model 3 motors mounted on the rear wheels.

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With that much power, and instant torque, the Tesla Semi is quick. Just watch this video as two of the trucks pull out into traffic at a shockingly car-like pace.

It’s not clear if those trailers are loaded, but even an empty trailer weighs in between 10,000 and 15,000 lbs, putting the total for a conventional truck and empty trailer in the 32,000 lb range. That’s a lot of truck to move that quickly.

This one is a bit of a see it for yourself. Watch this clip as the Tesla Semi pulls out of a California parking lot into traffic.