Based on published reports from around the world, Tesla has now crossed the 25,000 unit sales mark – approximately 10-times the total estimated 2,500 or so unit production run of its 2008-2012 Roadster.

Because Tesla does not report monthly sales, we are qualifying this assertion based on sales reports that are actually estimated at 25,353 to 25,503 through December 2013.

What’s more, total global sales are believed somewhat higher due to unavailability of December sales reports in five European nations.

The all-electric Model S luxury performance sedan began sales in June 2012, and that year sold an estimated 2,400-2,555 units in the U.S., and 95 units in Canada.

With help from research by green-car advocate, and reader, Mario R. Duran, we’ve counted published reports indicating Tesla sold at least 3,602 in Europe during 2013. Tesla also sold an estimated 18,650 in the U.S., 530 in Canada, the same year.

A conservative total is 25,353, and other estimates for U.S. sales range from 150 units lower, to 250 higher than our tally.

As mentioned, not all EU sales are accounted for through December. Our estimates for 2013 sales counts only through November in the following countries: Switzerland (166), Denmark (79), Austria (38), France (17). In Germany, 98 sales are counted though September.

Assuming some uncounted sales from Europe, Tesla may have sold as many as 26,000 globally.