Tesla Roadster owners are finally able to upgrade their cars.

First announced in late 2014, the Tesla Roadster 3.0 upgrade is slowly trickling in to dealerships and some owners are already benefiting from the upgraded 340-mile range. The new battery has over 40 percent more capacity than the original pack, making it roughly the equivalent of an 80-kWh unit, which is why the Tesla Roadster 3.0 is being dubbed R80.

The result is a range of about 340 miles, although the American automaker says it was able to do the 380-mile trip between San Francisco and Los Angeles without having to stop for a charge.

It all comes at a price however, with Tesla charging $29,000 for the battery upgrade. But the company doesn’t expect to make any profit from it, saying that the new battery is being offered as “a show of appreciation for the support of early Tesla customers.” The high cost is being attributed to the fact that each new battery pack is entirely hand-built and low-volume, with only two to three per week being produced. The price also includes the additional work necessary to remove, upgrade and reinstall the power electronics module.

Customers interested in the upgrade will have to place a $5,000 deposit to get in line.


This article originally appeared at AutoGuide.com