After testing autosteering and other self-driving functions on a limited number of Model S sedans, Tesla announced that the company is rolling out a full update this week for all its vehicles.

Tesla Elon Musk TweetThe 7.0 software update will expand the self-driving abilities of all Tesla vehicles built since September 2014, giving them the ability to steer on the highway, change lanes and self-park. The hardware and interface will be the same on both the Model S and the Model X.

Tesla Elon Musk Tweet

Details on the software update came through a series of Twitter posts by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. According to Musk, the Tesla will begin updating vehicles worldwide on Thursday. He is expecting the full rollout to take approximately five days in the U.S.

This update doesn’t unlock all autonomous features on capable Teslas, noted Musk, who hinted about a few items still to come.

Tesla Elon Musk TweetThe 7.0 offers “lots of upgrades and a new look, although main UI [user interface] upgrade coming with 7.1,” he said.

One of the self-driving abilities delayed until the 7.1 update is valet parking, which will park a Tesla in a garage or lot without a driver behind the wheel.

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Tesla owners with Model S sedans built before September 2014 will also see some changes from the 7.0 and 7.1 updates, according to Musk.

“Non-autopilot will have a new interface too. More comprehensive UI update coming with 7.1,” he tweeted.