Tesla CEO Elon Musk has released an updated global map of proposed 2018-2019 locations for Supercharger stations.

In a weekend Twitter post, Musk shared a URL, Tesla – Find Us, which shows a series of maps with red and gray pins indicating operational locations and locations opening soon. The map defaults to a U.S. map, with a switch to the user’s current location if the user grants the website location access.

At the moment, the maps include locations throughout North America, China, and Europe, encompassing more than 1,200 Supercharger stations with close to 10,000 charger points. Australia is also set to receive 18 Supercharger stations versus more than 500 charger points already in the country, mainly concentrated on the west, east and southwest coasts.

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No word yet on exact locations or addresses, with a disclaimer that reads “exact timing and specific location may vary” for some. Other filters applied to the same map include Stores and Galleries, Service Centers, and Destination Charging.

Tesla’s Superchargers allow drivers to recharge their vehicles to 80 percent capacity in less than 30 minutes. At the moment, most Supercharger stations carry 10 to 12 charger points with select locations having more than 50. Musk has also made it open to other EV manufacturers to share the technology provided they share the costs and adapt to Tesla’s plug standard.