As one of the leading alternative energy providers on the world stage, Tesla has stepped up its charitable game by sending hundreds of Powerwall battery systems to Puerto Rico to help the relief effort.

According to Bloomberg, the Powerwall battery systems will be installed by Tesla employees in Puerto Rico, who are working with local organizations to identify strategic locations to place them. The effort will combine the batteries and solar panels to generate electricity in deficient areas. According to CNN, up to 97 percent of Puerto Rico’s 3.4 million people were without power last Wednesday with half of the residents having no access to running water. Reports have suggested that power will take up to six months to be fully operational.

Tesla’s help in Puerto Rico marks its most recent foray into establishing a presence on islands. American Samoa and Hawaii are two sites for solar energy production, which use production processes optimized to address island nation needs. One example was Solar City’s $8 million solar-powered microgrid project that saw the island of Ta’u in American Samoa change its entire energy generation from diesel fuel to 100-percent solar power, providing a better alternative to the island’s fluctuating population of 200 to 600 people. With islands’ vulnerability to natural disasters, it appears Tesla is making a play to establish its influence and eventually operate or sell more out of those regions.

The Powerwall is an at-home battery pack that receives energy from solar panels, which is then used to fuel a home. According to Tesla’s Powerwall page, Powerwalls can be purchased with varying daily kWh output, with the number of Powerwall batteries used depending on the size of the home. One 14 kWh Powerwall battery costs $6200 with installation costs ranging from $800 to $2000.