Last week, Tesla Motors Inc. posted about 30 new job openings for positions over at its $5 billion currently under construction lithium-ion battery plant just outside of Reno.

The jobs posted range anywhere from engineers to analysts, managerial to technical, with the full searchable list on Tesla’s website.

While the site does not include wage information for each position, the Reno Gazzette-Journal speculates that the Gigafactory jobs will be paying anywhere from $22.79 per hour to $51.83 per hour based off of Tesla’s original application for incentives to the state.

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In the first quarter of 2015, Tesla went about and hired 12 new members for its Gigafactory, their jobs not being specified any further than they were not construction workers. What is known though is that salaries for these workers total to about $314,000.

If those 30 positions get filled, and you take into account the 12 hirings earlier this year, that only leaves Tesla with around 6,458 more hirings to go with the Gigafactory set to go live in 2017.

While hiring 6,458 workers seems like a daunting task, Autoblog points out that when Tesla first announced its Gigafactory, it was estimated that they would be receiving over $1.2 billion in tax incentives over the next 20 years which should ease at least some of the financial strain that could come with hiring that amount of people.

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