Tesla has something to show the world and guests at the inaugural Grand Basel Show in Switzerland next month. The electric-car maker has teased a surprise unveiling for the show and it could be the 2020 Tesla Roadster in production form.

Autocar reported Friday that Tesla has sent invitations to owners teasing the surprise model debut at the show. The invitation shows just a closeup of a red car’s bodywork. The teaser hardly confirms the Roadster, but it’s the most likely candidate.

The company showed off the Roadster concept last November at the Tesla Semi unveiling with tantalizing preliminary performance specifications. Judging by the Grand Basel Show’s theme of “automotive masterpieces,” the production Roadster seems like the most fitting car for Tesla to show. Additionally, the company’s been quiet on its most luxurious models, the Model S and Model X, as focus has rallied around the Model 3.

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Should we see the production Tesla Roadster show up, it will likely look mighty similar to the concept, which looks rather handsome as it stands. However, hopefully, we hear more about its performance specifications. Tesla hasn’t released true horsepower or torque figures for the car yet, but it did claim the car will go from 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds.

The touted 10,000 Newton meters of torque (7,375 pound-feet) figure is wheel torque, not engine or electric motor torque. Wheel torque is represented in drive ratios. Tesla also claimed a 200-kilowatt-hour battery pack would supply 620 miles of range.

We’ll know more when the Grand Basel Show opens its doors on September 7.

[Source: Autocar]