Does Tesla’s “Ludicrous Mode” keep getting more than ludicrous, or is there another term to describe a nearly 5,000-pound sedan that rips from 0-60 in 2.54 seconds?

Not sure, but Drag Times managed to get in the seat of a new Model S P100D with a VBOX data acquisition unit to test whether the automaker’s claims of the “fastest accelerating” production car is true, and seems they were not kidding.

The P100D is also good for 0-100 in 6.52 seconds, and a quarter mile in [email protected] mph.

Riders of superbikes like the Yamaha R1, GSXR1000, BMW S1000RR, etc., may edge it out in some of these speed contests, but they will need to be good, because Tesla’s launch control makes the clutch-free, single-speed effort of the EV pretty reliable to click off these times.

Drag Times’ video shows just the instrument panel in the as-delivered car equipped with less-grippy 19-inch tires. The video is taken at 9:27 at night according to the clock in the car on what sounds like a public road with ambient traffic noise leading to the test run. No mention is made of doing the test on a track or on public roads, and if it was on public roads, the secretive angle is probably not for naught.

Tesla Ups The Ante with 100kWh Battery And Even More ‘Ludicrous’ Speed

Wherever they ran the car, the video shows an indicated 139 mph was hit in the run. Ambient sounds are muted for the 0-139 mph portion, so there appears to be no conclusive proof of where the drive to 54 mph over the highest known national speed limit was made, but you can make your guesses.

In any event, the effect of an all-wheel-drive EV that weighs a whopping 4,945 but will trip the light ahead of a rear-whel-drive C7 Corvette weighing 1,600 pounds less sends a message to folks that this is a car not to be trifled with.

Of course also, when run like this, don’t expect the whole 317 miles indicated range – this is strictly either/or between long range and power.

Speaking of which, Drag Times took a reading from the car’s on-board power meter at full acceleration, and saw in come up to 567 kW (760 horsepower).

So, for those of you who are no longer satisfied with the Sharper Image catalog, and want extra special bragging rights, the $134,500-and-up P100D has about 90 more horses than the P90D.