Tesla owners now have the opportunity to have their electric cars fixed in-house as the company announced its first body shops at service centers.

CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the company plans to bring “most collision repairs in-house, as outside firms take weeks to months for repairs, driving Tesla owners (and us) crazy.”

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The body shops will have all essential parts stocked and ready with the goal of turning around repairs in a single day. That’s a change from what some owners have reported from independent firms, which have left some drivers waiting months for basic parts such as bumper covers.

While it’s unclear why Tesla hasn’t been able to deliver the parts to outside firms more quickly, Musk also tweeted the company will address parts supplies. The company has been busy continuing work to streamline Model 3 electric car production. The CEO recently said the car has quickly moved from “production hell” to “delivery hell” as parking lots pile with Teslas across the country. He said while production has consistently improved, the delivery system has hardly kept pace with the thousands of cars waiting for delivery.

As for the body shops, Tesla’s official website lists nine at the time of this writing. They are located in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, Texas, and Washington.