It is official, Tesla Motors is now actively doing business in Australia, with first deliveries, opening of the first store and energizing of the first Supercharger all happening this week.

Tesla delivered nine new cars to customers in Sydney today during a special evening event celebrating the arrival of the Model S in Australia.

Tesla added deliveries for other Australian Model S customers will start tomorrow, December 10.

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In the same breath, Tesla is officially launching its retail presence in Australia. December 10 marks the official opening of the country’s first store and service center in St Leonards, Sydney.

The EV company stated by the end of 2015, customers will be able to visit Tesla stores and service centers in both Sydney and Melbourne. Tesla added it will also continue to hold Model S test-drive events around the country.

In sync with these first nine deliveries and store opening, Tesla opened its first Superchargers in Australia. The company explained the Star and Darling Hotel site at Pyrmont represents a central location for customers in Sydney and a destination for visiting owners, which will enable Model S drivers to travel long distances in Australia for free. The North Sydney Retail and Service Centre also has a Supercharger station for visiting owners.

While Tesla did not reveal how many Superchargers will be installed, it did say next year, the Tesla Supercharger network will connect Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney, and by 2016 the network will connect all major cities along the east coast of Australia.

This entry into Australia is a natural development for Tesla after entering the UK market in June of this year with right-hand drive configured Model S EVs.