Tesla has announced a new free trial program for its flagship semi-autonomous driver assistance suite, Autopilot.

In its annual shareholder meeting this week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed the free Autopilot trial will be rolled out in July, along with a planned upgrade later in the week. No trial length details or specificity behind its improvements were shared, other than a brief word on enhanced autopilot features which will include “on-ramp to off-ramp” capabilities, which Tesla describes on its website.

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“The reliability and capability of Autopilot will increase exponentially over the next six to 12 months,” said Musk. “The improvements are very rapid.”

The feature, a $5000 upgrade that includes lane-keeping and adaptive cruise control, has already been introduced under its 2016 first-generation for users as a 1-month free trial, offered to those who did not opt to purchase it.

Other subjects touched upon during the shareholder meeting include a confirmed shareholder vote to keep Musk aboard as chairman, a word on profitability “expecting positive GAAP net income and positive cash flow in Q3 and Q4”, and a brief question and answer session.