We’ve all seen a dog that has been left in a hot car during the summer (hopefully) with the window cracked a little bit so they can get some fresh air and a slight breeze. It can still become dangerously hot in a car in the warmer months even with the window cracked, however, which is where Tesla’s new ‘Dog Mode’ comes in.

With Dog Mode, Tesla Model 3 drivers can leave their furry friends behind in the car without having to worry that they will get too hot or too cold. When activated, Dog Mode automatically sets the climate control to a comfortable 70 degrees and flashes an easy-to-read sign on the Model 3’s large center infotainment display that reads “Don’t worry, my owner will be back soon! The heater is on and it’s 70 degrees.” This prevents any passersby from smashing your car windows in a heroic attempt to save your dog from the sweltering heat or frigid cold.

Dog Mode comes in addition to the existing Cabin Overheat Protection system in all Teslas, which will automatically come on when there is an occupant in the car and the temperature is extremely high. This emergency system can ensure your pets, or babies, are safe if they are in the car for a brief period of time, or even if you forgot them behind in the car – an occurrence that’s all too common.

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Dog Mode comes with the latest over-the-air update for Tesla, which is being pushed out this week.