Tesla Model X buyers wanting to tow up to its full 5,000-pound capacity will need to opt for the 20-inch wheels, says the automaker.

This disclosure, as have several of late, did not come through the publicity department at Tesla, but via a paying customer experiencing bumps in the car-ordering road anticipating a $145,000 Signature edition.

According to an email from Tesla, if one opts for the 22-inch wheels, towing capacity is reduced to 3,500 pounds.

Originally, the buyer had asked for 22-inch wheels, but Tesla politely informed the buyer of initially unknown compromises with this decision.

Signature buyers are offered their choice of wheel sizes at no additional cost, but the different wheel sizes will cost extra for buyers of lesser configurations next year.

“So, this is a convenient way for Tesla to reduce costs by getting people to choose the less-expensive wheel when Signature buyers get either type at no cost difference,” said the otherwise Tesla fan airing a tinge of cynicism.


Tesla has also created a stir over its second-row seat configuration which customers have said won’t provide as much interior utility in this “SUV.”

For some, un-met expectations set by the original 2012 prototype have been a dealbreaker with orders canceled, but to date we’ve not heard of a mass emigration away from the vaunted electric crossover.

A launch event Sept. 29 released six top-drawer Founders editions, and over 30,000 reservation holders are reportedly in line awaiting the ramp up for production which should get into full swing next year.