Last Thursday, Tesla Motors unveiled the Model X electric crossover at its design center in Los Angeles, California. Of course, the debut of the Model X “created massive media attention,” according to Tesla. In fact, the electric automaker claims Model X was the “third most searched term on Google”, and that on the night of the reveal traffic to its website increased 2800 percent.

Even more impressive is that Tesla claims to have recorded 500 reservations for the vehicle within 24 hours of its unveiling. The company now reports that “one day after the reveal, without any advertising, advance sales of the Model X exceeded $40 million.”

Reservations or the forthcoming Model S sedan, which will begin deliveries later this year, also shot up by 30 percent following the unveiling of the automaker’s Model X crossover. Fully refundable reservations for the Model X range from $5,000 for the standard version to $40,000 for the Signature.

Model X Presales

Within 24 hours of the reveal, Tesla claims to have logged 500 pre-orders exceeding $40 million for Its Model X.

Tesla now says that production of the Model X will begin and at end of 2013 and has set a target production volume at 10,000 to 15,000 units per year starting in 2014. The car features an array of innovative design elements, from its gullwing-like doors, to its dual trunk configuration, which allows for additional storage where most cars house their engines.

Through the end of last year, Tesla had already taken in about 8,000 deposits for the Model S, and plans to ship as many as 5,000 by the end of the year. And though now-defunct Aptera’s claim to have collected more than 5,000 reservations for its never-to-be 2e electric vehicle might give some pause, deposits for that car cost just $500, where Tesla demands much more of a commitment from its early customers. Indeed, it would appear that Tesla is well on its way to not only meeting production deadlines for two models many thought would never be released, but also selling those vehicles in significant numbers.