The Tesla Model X will start from $81,200 including destination but before incentives.

Although it will be months before Tesla can even fill all the pending orders for its new Model X crossovers, prospective buyers can now build their own through an online configurator with three models available: 70D, 90D and P90D. Incentives for the Model X include $7,500 federal tax credit and state incentives with California offering $2,500. In typical Tesla fashion, the company lists estimated gas savings over five years of $9,000, making it appear the Model X starts from $61,000 excluding destination.

Some specifications are also listed on the site’s configurator, which is still only available on an invite-only basis. The standard Tesla Model X 70D gets an estimated range of 220 miles and a 0-60 mph time of six seconds flat while the 90D has a 257-mile range and 4.8-second sprint time. The range-topping P90D can go 0-60 in 3.8 seconds or 3.2 with Ludicrous mode while offering a 250-mile range.

The first batch of Tesla Model X buyers were limited to selecting the “Signature Series” model that was priced from $144,000. It appears that deliveries for the standard Model X won’t begin until mid 2016 with the 70D model starting mid-to-late 2016.

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