On Friday at Tesla’s Fremont, Calif. factory the first Model X Signature, VIN No. 1 was delivered.

Yesterday as we watched this story unfold, we knew the first delivery could have been on that same day, but unanswered questions about potential software updates and personal schedules of first Signature recipients remained, so we wrote it would be by Sunday.

And indeed on Sunday another prominent VIN, No. 2, is also expected to be delivered. But meanwhile it appears Tesla is opening up a Model X pipeline from a mere trickle of elite “Founders” editions, and the party is on for more than 40,000 paid Model X reservation holders who have endured a few delays and perceived changes of plans.

Tesla had initially said in February 2012 Model X production was projected to begin late 2013 with volume of 10,000 to 15,000 units per year starting in 2014. But while focusing on repaying a $465 million federal loan early, production was postponed March 2013 to first quarter 2015, then again in November 2014 it was postponed to third quarter 2015, and that was just narrowly accomplished.

On Sept. 29 this year a celebration and fanfare finally kicked off six first deliveries, but in nearly three months since only about 31 of the elite Founders edition units were delivered while those waiting in line had to remain patient.


The Signature buyers now getting their cars have plunked down a $40,000 reservation and the very first reservation holders quickly signed up in February 2012 at or around the time of the first prototype’s revelation.

Signatures start at $132,000 and are very well appointed examples of Tesla’s new family hauler. Next year it’s believed the lower level Model X trims down to the entry level $81,200 70D will begin delivery.

A report from someone who is said to work at Tesla not verified officially by Tesla suggests several hundred Model X units per week are being produced at Fremont.

Given the first deliveries have begun, we expect more news on this front to follow.