Frustrated Tesla Model X owners recently turned to a local television station to air their grievances with their expensive and flawed purchases.

Sometimes seen as the last resort before pursuing legal action, many newsrooms across the country have investigative reports who handle consumer complaints. The Los Angeles CBS affiliate was tasked with investigating potential issues with two customers who have purchased Model Xs.

James Purvis purchased his Model X in October, and has had a litany of issues. He’s experienced everything from squeaky windows to doors that don’t work properly.

“At one point, I had had the car for a total of five days, and they had had it like 30,” said Purvis.

In one instance the falcon door wouldn’t close and he had to have the vehicle towed to the shop with the door open. On another occasion, the vehicle started by itself with no key present.

Another owner, Etti Hadar, had electrical issues and a malfunctioning Autopilot system. With only 223 miles on the odometer, Tesla had the car for 22 of the next 40 days.

“I am baffled. I am disappointed. I just want a car that will work properly,” Hadar said. “Maybe my expectations were too high.”

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has said that he possibly over-engineered the Model X. The vehicle was plagued with production delays and a slow rollout. Tesla even ended up suing a supplier over falcon door production issues.

Consumer Reports dinged Tesla for poor reliability in the past. Despite that, Tesla enjoys having the distinction of being the highest ranked in customer satisfaction from the same publication.

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Tesla declined an on-camera interview with the station to discuss the issue.

Both owners have asked for Tesla to take the cars back and to be issued a refund. They agreed to do so in Hadar’s case, but expect her to pay approximately $10,000 in tax and licensing.

Purvis is awaiting a reply, but has already hired a Lemon Law attorney with the intention on suing Tesla.

CBS Los Angeles