Until now closed to the general public, Tesla’s online configuration webpage is reportedly about to be opened up.

Public access to the page has been delayed since Tesla had a launch last September of a few elite Founders edition cars, followed by Signature models being delivered on an invite-only basis to reservations holders.

At this writing, 10:30 Eastern time, the configuration site is the same as it has been – not open – with options to reserve a Model X only.

According to a tweet by company head Elon Musk, which was since removed although follow-up tweets remain, the portal is to open today.


The Model X crossover is built on the Model S’ platform. It was introduced as a concept in 2012 and production delays occurred three times with complications including difficulty in getting the “falcon wing” doors right, and other supplier issues.

Further, the quick and nicely appointed EV has been generally well received, but not without issue. Owners of the well-equipped early production models have reported several teething issues from fit and finish, to software glitches, and more.

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Sales are ramping up however. Last month an estimated 1,500 were sold in the U.S. compared to 3,000 of the Model S. Year to date 2,400 X models are estimated sold, versus 6,200 of the Model S. This is true despite a lined-up queue of tens of thousands of paid reservation holders waiting to take delivery.

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When the configuration portal opens, this will allow the general public to order the crossover as has been the practice for the Model S. At that point, they will have a place in the long line.

UPDATE: As of 3:30 p.m. Eastern time, the configurator is still not open.

Meanwhile, a video below shows the ins and outs of the ordering process by an enthusiast who was granted access to order a Model X.