Somehow we don’t think Tesla Motors intended the Model S to wow crowds as a pro drift competitor, but this it has.

Last month this 416-horsepower rear-wheel-drive Model S with traction control deactivated had no difficulty smoking the tires and doing its thing in Japan.

Notably absent is any kind of screaming engine making this a novelty for showgoers.

These kinds of antics have occasionally been done by magazines, including Consumer Reports which got its MS sideways on its private test track, but they did not drift it to this extent.

In this mode, can Model S still be called zero emissions? Probably not, and smoke from its rubber costs a lot more to generate than hydrocarbons from gasoline and one might also question where this activity ranks on the scale of mature behavior to juvenile?

On another day this is really considered flat-out abuse but people do it, and they call it fun.