Not for nothing, Tesla Motors engineered its Model S – and Roadster before it – to be so quick as to gain respect among conventional car enthusiasts and now it’s been declared the quickest production electric car in the world.

As the video shows, the Model S gets the hole shot on a 2005 Dodge SRT10 Viper and never looks back on its way to a 12.371 quarter mile at 110.84 mph. Elapsed time to 60 mph was documented at 3.9 seconds for the heavy electric car further handicapped with somewhat heavier 21-inch optional wheels.

The National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA) verified this run was more than suburban legend, and the video posted originally by Drag Times is getting a lot of hits as it shows one of the more formidable gas cars ever made getting spanked by the new whisper-quiet electric car.

The Tesla weighed in at 4,690 pounds and is rated at 416 horsepower and 443 pound-feet torque. The Dodge weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 3,450 pounds and stock rated power is 500 horsepower and 525 pound-feet of torque. The Viper did run air filter and exhaust, but on paper should have been quicker. If you notice in the video it is slower off the line – and this often makes or breaks a quarter mile sprint – but midway through, it starts to close the gap but not before the quarter mile finish mark was reached.

The Model S is also speed limited to 130 mph to save the precious juice, whereas the Viper’s gas-fed horses are allowed to run much faster, but the dazzle factor belonged to the Tesla which had what was needed for this contest to make a lasting impression.

One major advantage the Tesla has is ability to provide strong thrust from a standstill with full torque on tap at 0 rpm from its electric powertrain. Its traction control makes for very effective launches for Model S owners to thrill themselves silly, impress their friends – or set world records and gain positive press for EVs even among performance buffs who may respect brute force more than the green factor.

Drag Times via AutoGuide