A Tesla Model S P85D has gone 452.8 miles on a single charge.

Two drivers claim to have set a new world record for the longest distance traveled on a single charge with the Tesla Model S, which has an EPA-certified 253 miles per charge. But by averaging a speed of 24.2 mph, the two were able to squeeze 452.8 miles out of a single charge on a drive that took 18 hours and 40 minutes.

Bjørn Nyland and a friend set out from Rodekro, Denmark and ended at the same spot after their hypermiling adventure.

Nyland is well known to the Tesla community as documenting other adventures in the Tesla.

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Although this drive distance hasn’t been confirmed as an official world record, the Tesla Model S P85D did cover an impressive distance on a single charge, even though the drivers did average just 24.2 mph.


To help curb angry drivers on the roadways, the rear of the Model S was plastered with two giant words: TEST and SLOW. It appears that Tesla CEO Elon Musk approves of the record attempt, sharing one of the driver’s tweets on social media along with a video documenting the experience that you can watch below.

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