After a number of races against supercars on public roads and on drag strips, the Tesla Model S was put to a new quickness test.

Or, actually, a “test subject” – the son of Drag Times’ Brooks Weisblat – was offered by his dad a $100 bill if only he could grab it from its taped position on the inside windshield as the car accelerated from a stop and before it hit 60 mph.

Sound easy?

The P90D can do 0-60 in 3.1 seconds, and well under 3.0 seconds with Ludicrous Speed upgrade (Tesla says 2.8) – and it can pull up to 1.2 g with a clean start.

The video is between a father and his son, in the name of fun, and to make a point about the car.

It is pretty well self-explanatory, so enjoy.