Want a unique vehicle for your next daily rental? Los Angeles area’s MPG Car Rental group is now offering a Tesla Model S.

The company stated it is offering the Model S at the lowest daily rate in the world.

The rental group said it is offering Tesla rental vehicles for just about all uses, at the rate of $375 per day of use.

Additionally, the MPG Car Rental group said individuals are especially encouraged to give the vehicles a test drive with the group’s MPG test drive program. Those who have ever wanted to purchase a hybrid or electric vehicle can rent under the group’s special program and spend time in the driver’s seat, giving the chance to see how it handles and see if the vehicle is right for their needs.

The MPG Car Rental Group believes the Model S promises to provide a high quality driving experience for all renters, no matter whether they rent because they want to test drive the vehicle and see how it handles, or whether they need a fuel efficient way to meet their needs.

The vehicle is extremely safe and handles very well on the road, said the rental group. It does not emit any exhaust, making it a very ecologically efficient choice for those who want to help reduce their carbon footprint. The group added it is positive that interested drivers will find the vehicle extremely satisfactory, and the renting experience itself comprehensive and highly affordable.

This news follows the company’s June 9 announcement of being the first one to add the BMW i3 to its fleet as a daily rental.