The normally staid publication dedicated to consumer advocacy has released a video in advance of its road test.

We’ll do a separate story on that after it’s released today, but in the mean time here’s some frivolous entertainment, as CR otherwise raves about the new electric car.

“Driving a Tesla Model S is like having your own private amusement park. Not that we advocate tire-smoking, tail-sliding turns on any public road—ever! But such drifting can be a measure of a car’s great-handling chops, as well as its available power,” writes the publication, “And boy, can the Tesla drift!”

We’ll have more soon on other reasons why Consumer Reports liked the Tesla, and yes, this is half blowing the news for the rest of the story, but as a teaser, an early premier CR cover stated: “The best vehicle we’ve ever tested.”

That’s high praise indeed, it was posted on the Tesla owners forum, however a more recent preview cover has that superlative statement scrubbed from the record.

The new preview cover just benignly says: “The new Tesla Model S.”

Will CR also edit the text of its review as well? We may never know, but what is to be known will be shared ASAP.

Meanwhile, enjoy the video.