The longest-range rear-wheel-drive Model S is already rated 265 miles from its 85-kwh battery but Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said he will “end range anxiety” if that was a concern.

To be sure 208-265 mile Model S ratings are less than many gas cars, much farther than other EVs in the sub-100 mile club, but even Teslas require knowing where the juice is and Musk has used Twitter once again to create a new wave of news about Tesla.

What the over-the-air software update will precisely do, Musk is not saying. He did say a 9 a.m. Pacific time press conference Thursday will let everyone know.


Could it be there is more reserve capacity in the existing battery? Could it be a more economical operating mode?

The software update is to the individual Model S cars. It will not require driving to a service visit and this feature is a rather unique capability of the Model S that’s helped further endear the car to owners for its ability to improve with age.

Tesla has also shown battery swapping capability and high-speed Supercharger stations but Musk says this will now “end range anxiety.”

What could it be?