How quick would a Tesla Model 3 with Ludicrous mode be, and what would it cost?

That remains to be seen, but at least confirmed is a Ludicrous-spec Model 3 is in the offing, tweeted Tesla chief Elon Musk.

It has already been known the base-level 215-plus-mile EV projected for late 2017 and starting at $35,000 will get options including a larger battery and all-wheel drive. In his one-word answer, Musk indicated the craziest speed mode might be the icing on the cake – and what is becoming a family tradition.

In 2014 Tesla announced all-wheel drive and more power and speed for the Model S to create what it coined the “Insane” mode, and that was followed last year with a Ludicrous mode billed with 0-60 in as quick as 2.8 seconds and top-speed of 155 mph.

The Model X subsequently got a similar Ludicrous mode for a 3.2-second time, and now Model 3 leaves an open question on what to exactly expect.

At the media drive this year, larger and quicker options were on display in the pre-production prototypes, and buyers have been tantalized by the prospect of getting more bang for their buck in the smaller Model 3.

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The teaser price of just $35,000 has registered in buyers’ minds as getting perhaps 75-80 percent of what one gets in a Model S for less than half its low 70s entry price.

It’s been speculated how elite the Model 3 might become, and Tesla has to date specialized in upscale cars. As BMW has offered its M versions above the more tame 3-Series – which the Tesla 3 is often compared to – so apparently does Tesla have in mind a similar strategy.