No one says the aftermarket is solely left to those who drive gasoline-powered cars. We’ve seen a handful of companies cater to the electric-car segment, and the latest offering comes from RevoZport for the Tesla Model 3.

The Hong Kong-based company has shared images of its Model 3R aero kit, which tacks on carbon Kevlar components, ever-so-subtle fender flares, and a new set of wheels. Specifically, 21-inch, 15-spoke RevoZport forged aluminum wheels fill out the wheel arches with the kit. At the rear, a new spoiler and diffusor add some drama, though they also somewhat enhance the height of the Model 3’s already tall greenhouse. We see some Model X poking through with the aftermarket mods.

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The company offers the kit in both gloss and matte finishes to suit whatever kind of look a Model 3 owner desires, but it’s unclear if the aero kit actually improves the electric car’s performance. However, RevoZport has experience with numerous brands, including BMW and Mercedes-Benz, so hopefully, there’s some function involved with the added form.

Prices for the upgrades won’t come cheaply, though. The aero kit, which includes the wheels, comes bundled for $9,500. The price doesn’t include shipping or installation. But, it will give a Model 3 a rather spunky look compared to others.

[Source: RevoZport]