Specifications for the upcoming Tesla Model 3 sedan have been unveiled through a leaked product sheet from an apparent inside source.

The product sheet (below), which was posted on Model 3 Owners Club forum, compares the Model 3’s performance parameters and features with those of the Model S. The base Model 3’s range will sit at 215 miles (compared to 249 miles for the entry-level Model S 75) and it will sprint from 0-60 mph in 5.6 seconds (compared to 5.0 seconds flat in the Model S 75).

The Model 3’s dimensions were also made public in the product sheet, with the length measuring 184.8 inches and the total cargo volume sitting at 14 cubic feet – counting both the rear trunk and front “frunk.”

By comparison, the Model S is 196 inches long and carries a cargo volume of 30 cubic feet. The Model S can also carry seven passengers if the rear-facing jump seats are used, whereas the Model 3 will be limited to just five persons max.

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The Model 3 won’t be as customizable as the Model S, either. On the other hand, the Model S is available in over 1,500 possible configurations between its various powertrains, different interior and exterior colors and optional extras, the Model 3 will be offered in less than 100 variants. Additionally, the Model 3 won’t get any “Premiuim Features,” which on the Model S consist of auto-presenting door handles, a HEPA cabin filter and Tesla’s Smart Air Suspension system.

Further differentiating the two is the availability of free unlimited charging on the Model S and the lack thereof for the Model 3. This is a less important factor, however, seeing as the only way to get free unlimited charging on the Model S from now on will be to receive a referral code from pre-existing Model S owners.

Initial production is reportedly due in July, but a long line of people means delay in receipt of a new Model 3 for new orders.

Otherwise, new Model 3s ordered now are is expected to arrive sometime in the middle of next year. Musk said the company plans on producing more simplified versions of the vehicle initially, before introducing more model variants and options as production goes on.