Can you hear it? Can you hear that constant buzzing sound?

That’s the response to Tesla’s Model 3 prototypes revealed last night with 115,000 reservations in hand, a number which soon clipped briskly past 150,000 in the first 12 hours after the reveal and which continues to climb.

The new electric car borrows exterior design elements from its own stablemates, along with other entry level luxury German vehicles it has in its crosshairs.

Though the BMW 3-Series has been most often invoked as the target of choice, if not also the Audi A4, the front end appears to be a merging of Porsche Panamera lines and the Model X’s lack of front grille.

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Unlike the Model S which appears to be a sedan but which is actually a hatchback, the Model 3 looks like it might also be such a hatchback, but it’s actually a sedan.

Inside the concept vehicle is minimalist, devoid of buttons with large screen for display, and more touches trickled down from the its upscale siblings.

2017 Chevy Bolt

Chevy Bolt is being readied for consumer orders starting at the end of this year. Nissan is also due to have a 200-mile next-generation Leaf.

Compared to a Chevy Bolt which has been written about interminably as the competitor for the Model 3, now that we can see Tesla’s $35,000 and up 215-mile EV, the difference is pretty sizable.

Tesla wanted and needed to astonish the global audience and with promises of top safety scores and excellent space utilization as well, what it has shown silently screams entry level luxury – exactly what it wanted.

Of course a few commenters have predictably said they dislike this or that about it, but more relevant may be how much the production model will look like the concepts shown, and how soon it will be in first buyers’ hands?

Tesla chief Elon Musk at first stated unequivocally late 2017, but then re-qualified saying Tesla feels certain it can.

At any rate, following is a rather large sampling of images from the reveal event last night.