Model 3 dual-motor and Performance orders are starting soon, while Tesla’s Senior VP of Engineering is taking a break.

When the Telsa Model 3 launched last summer, it was expected that the highly desirable dual-motor model would hit the order sheets in Spring 2018. But with bottlenecks, delays, and “production hell,” it looked like that schedule was optimistic at best.

But Tesla CEO Elon Musk has given an answer to the question he’s probably seen the most over the last few months. When will the dual-motor cars arrive?

Well, the answer is this week. Musk answered that question in his usual way: via a reply to a tweet. Musk said that orders for the dual-motor cars will be enabled this week for production in July. And there is a bonus too. The Performance model will be taking orders at the same time, set for the same start of production.

That opens up production significantly. Right now, Telsa is only building Long Range, rear-drive, premium interior cars. That’s to keep production simple while the automaker works out the bugs and ramps up production capacity.

Air suspension, though, won’t arrive until next year.

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The difficult transition to production has taken its toll on at least one Tesla exec, however. Senior VP of Engineering Doug Field is taking a leave of absence and stepping away from the company briefly. The absence comes not long after Musk took back control of production from Field earlier this spring.

Field hasn’t left the company but is taking some time off to recharge, reports the Wall Street Journal.

So it’s good news for buyers who were waiting to order a dual-motor car. That model is expected to have more performance as well as a longer range, although specs haven’t yet been revealed.

[Source: Wall Street Journal]