Defying all bearish predictions, Tesla Motors exceeded delivery goals for the final quarter of 2015 and for the total year.

At the end of the third quarter Tesla estimated Q4 deliveries of 16,820 units. Actual deliveries were 17,400 units. On a yearly basis Tesla had estimated a 50,000-52,000 total deliveries. Actual deliveries were 50,580 units.

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Most deliveries were Model S units however. Model X production in Q4 was 507 units. According to the Wall Street Journal. Tesla said it is now producing 238 Model Xs per week (a rate of 3,094 per quarter) so Model X production is ramping up nicely.

At the end of Q3 Tesla estimated that going forward it would deliver 88,400 vehicles in 2016. That would represent an approximate 76-percent increase over 2015 deliveries.

Tesla appears well on its way to achieving those goals.


WSJ (subscription)