Members of the Tesla Model 3 referral program may have gotten a pleasant surprise.

According to Electrek, Tesla owners who had five referrals in the company’s previous referral program received a special badge inside their Tesla app that said “Secret Level: Next Gen Roadster.”

As it is, owners who had seven referrals received an invite for the owner and one guest to the Model 3 reveal event that will take place on July 28 (probably at the factory in Fremont, Calif.), along with a Tesla-branded carry-on bag and a Model S Radio Flyer wagon for the kids.

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An update in the app’s so-called “Loot Box,” which apparently tracks referrals given and rewards issued in kind, those who have achieved the minimum amount of referrals will now be able to get 10-percent off of the sticker price of the Founder’s Series of the next-generation Tesla Roadster if they refer five more Tesla owners and two percent off per referral for every one after that. In theory, that means 50 referrals would add up to one “free” car, but there are likely restrictions on the offer.

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Apparently, they will also be offered “adventures that money cannot buy,” as well.

As for the Roadster itself, there’s at least a chance that Tesla will disclose some more details at either the Model 3 reveal or an event for its upcoming semi-truck in September.

As best as we can tell for now, it might be based on the Model 3 platform. And it will likely be quick, thanks to the torque of electric motors.

Some lucky current Tesla owners may be able to find out for a bit less money than the rest.