Tesla is planning an electric service vehicle, according to a company executive.

The new service vehicles would be based on the Model X, or even the Model S, and would replace the conventional trucks the company is currently using to provide mobile service.

Tesla’s President of Global Sales and Services, Jon McNeill, told owners about the plan at an event in Amsterdam this week. The information was relayed by owners attending the event to Electrek.

“We didn’t think that it was very cool to show up to fix an electric vehicle with a combustion engine van. It really bugged us. Some really savvy technicians on our team figured out how to retrofit Model X to fit all the tooling and parts needed to do service,” McNeill said.

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McNeill added that the company had figured out how to put the same gear into a Model S. But the end result won’t be just a Model S with some Tetris-like packaging efficiency. After all, the current service vans are full-size vans like the Mercedes Sprinter. They hold tire mounting and balancing equipment, spare parts, and large tool kits.

The changes required to make the Model S a Model S-ervice are extensive enough that the modified vehicles will need approval for public roads. That means that they are largely a whole new vehicle on the same platform. Approval is expected to happen next year.

Tesla has already said that it is planning to triple service capacity by adding 1,400 new techs, 350 mobile service vehicles, and the ability to schedule service from in the car. The current service vans can handle up to 80 percent of maintenance and service needs for Tesla’s current cars. Even recall fixes can be handled via the mobile techs. As Tesla looks to expand their sales and expand their footprint, having more service centers and more mobile technicians becomes increasingly important.