On Thursday last week, Tesla unveiled the start of its European Supercharger network, energizing stations across Norway.

Tesla said these Superchargers will enable Model S owners to conveniently travel for free between cities along well-traveled highways throughout the country.

According to the company, with locations in Lyngdal, Aurland, Dombås, Gol, Cinderella and Lillehammer, Norway’s most vital and commonly used roads and highways are covered by Tesla Superchargers.

Model S customers can drive routes such as the E6 from Trondheim to Oslo, the E18 from Oslo to Kristiansand, the E39 from Kristiansand to Stavanger, and Highway7 from Oslo to Gol for free and with minimal stops.

Per Tesla, approximately 90 percent of the Norwegian population lives within 320 kilometers (198.84 miles) of a Supercharger station, and about 60 percent of the country’s total land mass is within the same distance of a station.

In theory, the Model S has a range of 500 kilometers, or 310.68 miles.

Tesla Superchargers are capable of charging a Model S 20 times faster than most common charging stations.

Tesla said that Superchargers provide half a charge in about 20 minutes, delivering up to 120 kilowatt directly to the Model S battery using special cables that bypass the onboard charging equipment. Tesla also explained that because Superchargers are located where customers want to stop, near amenities like roadside diners, cafes and shopping centers, road trippers can stop for a quick meal while their Model S charges for free.

The coverage provided by Tesla’s Supercharger Norwegian network allowed three Model S to depart for Oslo on August 29 from locations in the north, west and south of Norway and travel the following major routes with ease, according to Tesla: Trondheim-Dombås-Lillehammer-Oslo; Bergen-Aurland-Gol-Oslo; and Stavanger-Lyngdal- Cinderella-Oslo. During their 500 kilometers (310.68 miles) journeys, each car charged at two of the new Tesla Supercharger locations.

Throughout the day, the drives were chronicled on Tesla’s Twitter feed @TeslaMotors and on the company’s European account, @Tesla_Europe, via the hashtag #EuroSupercharger; and on Tesla’s Facebook page.