Tesla’s senior designer has confirmed the company intends to have a $30,000 all-electric sedan to rival BMW’s 3-Series possibly “on sale by 2015.”

In a report by Autocar, Tesla’s Franz von Holzhausen said the work is underway even as the California start-up slowly ramps up production of its just-launched Model S, and plans to launch Model X late next year.

“The third model will continue to drive down the price point as fast as possible,” said von Holzhausen.

It’s been known Tesla was working in this direction, and this latest interview adds insight to the potential timeline for Teslas that are not only priced for high wage earners, but coming down to the average U.S. auto price.

At the same time, von Holzhausen said the entry level car will depart from the attractive – but also kind of generic – styling of Model S, and will attempt to delve into a more unique identity for the aspiring carmaker.

“We will become more experimental as we develop as a brand,” he said. “Our cars need to have some personality.”

Tesla uses a skateboard chassis design which allows designers a relatively free hand to create unique structures above the batteries sandwiched in the flat floor.

von Holzhausen said as much to Autocar, adding that further down the road the company will look to also make a pickup, which is “a market for which the torque of an electric motor would be ideally suited,” he said.

He gave no more specifics on a potential Tesla truck, but indicators are the company has high ambitions indeed with hope to launch its mass market sedan within three years.