The Tesla supercharger network has cracked 500 locations worldwide in three years.

In total, 502 quick charging locations are currently operating around the world, offering a total of about 2,800 individual charging stations. Superchargers allow owners of the Model S sedan to regain roughly 80 percent battery life in just a half hour.

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Tesla has vowed to keep the Superchargers free of charge to owners and has honored that promise so far, although recently the brand sent out letters to some owners asking them not to overuse the superchargers, as they are meant for long-distance travel and not day-to-day charging.

The U.S. claims 42 percent, or about 200 of the worldwide Supercharger network. Tesla is still pushing to expand the network and is currently installing Superchargers at a rate of roughly one per day in countries such as the UK, Australia, China, Spain, Italy and Korea.

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